In the end os World War II. was special shelter to hide out important chieftains built. Shleter was not in use last decade, but should be still functional. Nowadays it doesen´t serve as hide for civilians in case of need. For such purposes serves the close located metro station.
What if comes suddently the need of use the shleter? Is it really still functional? Can it still take securely people in with its historical equipment? How could these people contact the outer world and how could they find out it is safe to come out again? Hope there wont come such situation people would have to find out by themselfes..

1 - 2 hráči 2-7 players
60 minut 80 minutes
Dárek Gift
Vstupní překvapení Entrance surprise
Středně těžké Medically difficult
Informace Drop 15 minutes earlier

Price: 1200 Kč

It is valid for the entire game, not for the person.



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