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Dream - 16.07. (11:30
Hero - 16.07. (11:30
Journalist - 16.07. (15:00



Anetka: Dad? Will I also dream today?

Dad: They will definitely be Anetko.

Anetka: And would you please read some fairy tale?

Dad: I will read, but first you have to clean up the stuffed animals and crawl into the crib.

Anetka: Done

Behind the deep forests, raging rivers and beautiful pastures on the border with the magical fairy-tale villages, there was a pretty little village. This village was so attracted to one of the fairies that, silently, like a mouse, she secretly embarked on her exploration every night. But if it wasn't for this fairy, I wouldn't tell you this story at all. One evening, the fairy went back to the village, but what she saw was very startled. She immediately turned and flew to seek help ...

1 - 2 hráči 2-5 players
60 minut 60 minutes
Dárek Gift
Vstupní překvapení Entrance surprise
Středně těžké Medically difficult
Informace Drop 15 minutes earlier

Price: 1300 Kč

It is valid for the entire game, not for the person.



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