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Dream - 16.07. (11:30
Hero - 16.07. (11:30
Journalist - 16.07. (15:00

Prices & reservations

Prices & reservations

Take colleagues or friends, create a team, select and book the game, and leave the rest on us. All important information will be sent to you on your mobile device and your email. We will prepare a greeting and draw you into the action before the game begins. Then it will be "just" up to you. 

Can you do it on time or would the gameplay close in on you? Maybe you can solve the game and get something extra?

So what, you dare?

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Why Us?



All our games have a magical atmosphere that will literally engulf you



Do you think nothing will surprise you? So come to test it at our place ...



Games have a story that will entertain you, but will make you think


All our facilities are very well accessible. For the most up-to-date information, add us to Facebook or watch our Twitter!

Jurnalist / Room

Dream / Star / Hero / Celebration

Prison / The Case


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Responsible person: Jindřich Marek