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Dream - 16.07. (11:30
Hero - 16.07. (11:30
Journalist - 16.07. (15:00

Prison and Journalist - 100 min

Prison and Journalist - 100 min


During the Cold War, a secret prison was built in an anti-nuclear bunker. This place was used as a special prison for agents from foreign secret services. We would probably never have found out about it if it hadn't been for one CIA agent...

He managed to escape under unexplained circumstances. Due to the leak of information, the prison was considered no longer a secret place and so it was no longer used. Over time, it fell into oblivion. After the change of regime, all the land was returned back to its original owners. The owner found the prison completely untouched... No one has ever found out how the CIA agent escaped...

Can you escape before changing of the prison guards?



Journalist Carl Bernstein, who got himself Pulitzer price in 1973 for untangling Watergate affair, enounced during the giving ceremony he works on even bigger and more controversial case. After that statement he backed off to be able to work unseen. Two years later, in 1975, before he could publish anything, he suddenly disappeared...

His formal colegue Bob Woodward in one interwiev implies that Carl Bernstein was shortly confidentially working in the Czech Republic, because needed to get in touch with severel certain people from Eastern Europe, important to the case. Few years after his disappearing his work room was found. No explanation of his disappearance nor any controversial data were found there


1 - 2 hráči 2-7 players
100 minut 100 minutes
Dárek Gift
Vstupní překvapení Entrance surprise
Středně těžké Medically difficult
Informace Drop 15 minutes earlier



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