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Escape game for children

Escape game for kids

Famous illusionist Harry Houdini had a lot of fans and followers. Among all of theme were not just adulst, but kids as well. Not even the best magic trick and illusion can beat children fantasy!

Tom and Sarah made once their father that much upset, he locked them in room for whole long night. He thaught he will punish them doing so. When he woke up next morning and went to check up on kids, he couldnt believe his eyes. Room looked completly different and kids were not in it! He searched whole room and after several hours finally found them. Lucky and scared locked the room forever and never put the kids in it again. Can you find out the way kids escaped and the secret place where they remained?

1 - 2 hráči 2-5 players (including parents)
60 minut 60 minutes
Dárek Gift
Vstupní překvapení Entrance surprise
Středně těžké Medically difficult
Informace Suitable for children from 5 years of age

Price: 1300 Kč

It is valid for the entire game, not for the person.



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